Janet Sutherland


"Janet Sutherland is one of the few poets in this country whose new work I always look forward to reading.  In her poems we find a very particular and tangible world, both the natural and the human world.  She has such an understanding of these.  

With a clear eye she catches all the changes and the, at times, difficult and slow progress we know there.  She shows how our hearts and hopes weave their way through this multi-layered landscape"

(Lee Harwood)


“This is an attentive poetry that notices ‘the uneven print where in the summer gone / a cow made water and stood in it. It is a subtle, self-forgetful poetry that serves, without strut or fret, the natural, human world it is part of. It’s a poetry that ‘listens to the space / between birdsong’: a poetry where sound and syntax will not break the silence in which something can be said.


Far from the madding crowd with its mobile phones, there is a quiet momentousness, caught here.”


(Gillian Allnutt)


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